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Record and replay program execution in order to quickly diagnose severe software failures in test or in production

Clear your growing backlog of undiagnosed failing tests

Managing complex application development requires a new approach to how you handle software quality. Change the way your organization deals with software quality issues and stop severe sporadic failures from turning into serious customer complaints.

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Stop production outages causing havoc on client site

Serious production outages happen. It's how you manage these crises that sets you apart. Introduce a new standard for quickly diagnosing root causes of software failures in production and minimize customer disruption that impacts your bottom line.

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Cambridge Top Innovation 2016

Cambridge News

2017 Best Investment in Disruptive Tech

UKBAA Awards

2017 UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship

UK IT Industry Awards

2016 FinTech Innovation Lab winner

FinTech Innovation Lab

Live Recorder: Best Software Product

ARM TechCon 2015 Innovation Challenge

Discovering Start-Ups 2015 winner

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