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Robustness and efficiency are imperative when handling the world's data

Enterprise database vendors cannot afford production outages...

Being able to deliver the exact information customers need from anywhere in the world requires you to develop and deliver some of the most complex, high-performance distributed database applications. Ensuring that data integrity, security and quality is maintained whilst improving speed and agility comes with the territory.

As complexity in enterprise application development increases, it’s becoming harder to debug those applications. So you end up with a growing backlog of undiagnosed sporadically failing tests and you don’t know why...

But an unfixed failure is potentially a security breach or a catastrophic customer outage waiting to happen. So what do you do?

Software flight recording technology offers a solution. Record your program's execution and thereby capture an exact replica of a failing run. The recording file represents a standalone reproducible test case providing complete visibility into what your software did and why. The same recording can then be analyzed offline with Live Recorder's reversible debugger, allowing engineers to step forwards and backwards through the program's execution for a quick diagnosis. 

Connectivity of Databases Illustration

Databases are ever more connected, increasing data management complexity

Key benefits for database vendors

Deliver the quality data management solutions your customers demand

Diagnose and fix software quality issues quicker
Speed up total software defect diagnostic time.
Ensure software quality doesn't impact bottom line
Any undiagnosed test failure could be a data management nightmare waiting to happen.
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Keep demanding customers happy
Delight your clients by responding to software outages in data-intensive systems faster than ever.

What customers say about us

The Undo Debugger has helped us efficiently diagnose numerous challenging issues that would have taken much more time to resolve with gdb or other debuggers that are forward-looking with little or no reversibility. The ability to selectively record is particularly helpful when tracking down issues that don't occur for an hour or longer; it avoids the frustration of having to restart a gdb run after accidentally going past the point of interest. It's also helpful where the symptom of an issue occurs long after the source of the problem, as once again you don't need to restart after going past the point of interest. Even if you use it for only 5-10 issues per year, the time saved can pay for the cost of the license.
Edward Klotz
Ph.D, Senior Software Scientist, IBM CPLEX
SAP logo
We are extremely excited about the potential to simplify and improve our fuzz testing infrastructure with Live Recorder, allowing us to significantly reduce the effort to find and fix complex defects very early in the development cycle.
Alexander Boehm
Test Architect, SAP